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   Tulsi is best anti oxidant.Shri Tulsi is formulated by the extracts of 5 types of tulsi like Shyam Tulsi,Vishnu Tulsi,Ram Tulsi,Van Tulsi and Nimbus Tulsi.

Benifits of IMC Shri Tulsi
1-It builds strong immune system.
2-It helps to remove toxins from the body and keeps it fit.
3-Helps to cure stomach related diseases if taken one drop after every meal
4-It controls vomiting in pregnancy.
5-It is helpful in ear and nose diseases.
6-It is helpful for skin with herbal cream.
7-Drops in water cooler helps to keep house free from flies and mosquitoes.
So 3to 4 drops of IMC Shri Tulsi should be used by everyone for  healthy life
      This product is sold mostly by IMC business associate.To work as IMC business associate call us or what’s app to 9354900679

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